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Preliminary Assessment

The selection of entrepreneurs and their ideas is done by an eminent panel, comprising individuals from different backgrounds and industry verticals. Some of the key factors that are considered for selecting the startup ideas:

Application Process

Pre-procedure at JUiNCUBATOR involves rigorous scrutiny of the proposals submitted to the expert screening committee. This procedure helps to choose promising business ideas that will go through the phases like submission of application, evaluation, presentation of the business plan, verification and final decision-making process by the expert screening committee. Considering the emergence of many incubation centers in India, JUiNCUBATOR is focused on supporting the budding entrepreneurs by providing the best services within the affordable fee structure.

Post Selection Process

For business innovation and entrepreneurship, JUiNCUBATOR is committed towards its goal and will continue to provide training for technical support at the incubation centre. Post procedure after the selection process of the proposal involves an agreement to the negotiation terms by the incubatee(s). Further a complete business plan is drafted which involves both short and long-term objectives and lastly, venture gets started up.