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JUiNCUBATOR is a joint initiative by JAIN (deemed-to-be university), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, and ALSTOM India Limited. At JUiNCUBATOR, we engage with startups at the national level and concentrate on providing an end-to-end ecosystem to startups in 3 core areas - Energy and Environment, Agriculture and Allied Fields and Novel and Nanomaterials. It provides tremendous scope for entrepreneurs to develop their business and contribute to the GDP growth of India.

JUiNCUBATOR is housed inside JAIN (deemed-to-be university)'s School of Engineering & Technology at JGI Global Campus. Hence, the incubation center leverages all the resources available within the campus, such as office space, access to laboratory, workshops, development and testing centers, computing resources, library and above all highly experienced and knowledgeable human resource.

In addition to these, JUiNCUBATOR also has a network of eminent professionals, academicians, bankers, venture capitalists and businessmen, who can extend support to new ventures through mentoring and management training.


JUiNCUBATOR has envisioned to facilitate the growth of innovators and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals that will contribute to the nation's development.



Thrust Areas


Energy & Environment


Agriculture & Allied Fields


Novel & Nanomaterials

Internet of Things

Internet of Things